Our story began over 30 years ago with an ordinary Commodore 64C home computer connected to a color Funai CRT TV. To this day that long-lost machine is still our passion, inspiration and source of visionary thoughts.

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Gotcha! We do not force people to worship any C64. However, general love for computing is mandatory. It’s part of the minimum requirements.

Be Bravo


The best thing about Bravo Systems is people. Bravo Team.

Bravo Team has achieved many great things over the years, yet there is still space for evolution and growth.

Planned and orderly growth that is. This is exactly why we have strict onboarding requirements - to save everyone from any future inconvenience.

We are hiring!


Bravo Systems core values are Passion for Technology, Excellence, Benevolence and Security.

We seek talented technology enthusiasts who love everything about computing - coding, reading, testing, typing, thinking, clicking, touching [computers], swiping, drawing, playing, gaming, installing, backuping, uploading, downloading, formating, upgrading... In short, those Passionate about Technology.

Aside from being passionate we look for substance. Exact knowledge and precision in delivery of what you do best. Structured expertise. In short, Excellence to complement the Passion and our Bravo name.

So you are both Passionate and Excellent? It means little if you are not well intentioned spirit. We call it Benevolence.

Finally, you are passionate and razor sharp techie who is also a decent human being? Well from here it is easy - be respectful of our Security protocols.

Level up by joining the Bravo Team!
looking forward to meeting you.


We offer fun yet productive work environment. Great things result from collaboration of smart people using latest and greatest technologies. Our long-standing partnership with US-based companies gives us solid base and familiarity as well as flexibility for the future.